Timely delivery and reliable service

Fomaco is VEGA SALMON’s life-long supplier. The relationship is based on trust, reciprocal development and a high level of service. As a rapidly growing salmon processing facility, VEGA requires top line, customized machinery fit to their operation and a service partner they can trust to deliver immediate service whenever and wherever needed. That partner is Fomaco.


VEGA SALMON has rapidly evolved from a family-owned company to a high capacity cooperation.

Increased demands requires increased production efficiency, which in turn requires timely capacity growth. To meet the continuously emerging demands, VEGA needs a supplier who is able to grow in line with its customers. They made the obvious choice from the get-go when they teamed up with Fomaco. Back then, the needs were modest and so the machinery delivered was a smaller setup. As VEGA grew, Fomaco continued to stay in sync with their production needs and continued to deliver all necessary machinery and equipment. Today VEGA has top of the line equipment, we have delivered four of our premium solutions to their production operation ensuring them optimal performance every day. Why did they stay with Fomaco?

The Fomaco philosophy is that we are not only a stainless steel supplier. We sell knowledge, experience,technical excellence and our service levels aim to be the best in the industry. We have strived to practice this philosophy when working with VEGA in every step of their development process and as a result we are fortunate that they turn to Fomaco every time a new investment is required.

No matter the supplier, production malfunctions will occur, and because minimal downtime is essential, it is vital that help is close at hand. Fomaco has the size and capacity to keep every promise we make so that VEGA can trust us to be there immediately when technical assistance is needed.

VEGA will continue to grow and as we cannot predict all future needs, we have to listen, watch and learn in reciprocal development with VEGA. This way we can continue to develop the necessary technical solutions before the actual need arises, so that VEGA will experience no growth-delays and be assured that they have the most innovative and effective machinery on the market.




The gains of the collaboration between Fomaco and VEGA SALMON: