Through experience, market research and knowledge about our customers’ needs we have developed a machine that can cover all production requirements. With a variety of equipment options and special features you can get a machine that is tailored to your product.


Fomaco offers effective meat curing equipment to fit your needs. We have in-line weight control systems that assure precise brine injection, continuous tumblers that remove brine and brine mixers that are able to mix all additives. With Fomaco’s meat curing equipment you will get the most appealing end product.

Our machines are consistent and accurate, which not only results in a final product that is in great quality, but also gives our customers confidence in working with our machines.


Consisting of two individual weighing units continuously measuring the weight prior to and after injection, the Fomaco In-line Weight Control system ensures precise brine injection throughout the production day.

Continueous Tumblers

Constructed completely of stainless steel the Fomaco continuous tumblers both remove brine from the surface and seal needle marks in the product and skin, which helps bind the injected brine or marinade. This provides you with the most appealing end product and the option to reuse excess marinade if desired.

Bip portion

The BIP Portion Control has been designed with a purpose built flighted conveyor belt specifically for handling a 2 x 9 piece chicken cut.

Brine mixers/ Storage Tanks

With the Fomaco brine mixers and storage tanks, you are equipped with first class tools, designed to mix all additives. For very heavy brines and functional ingredients, the tanks can be delivered with a powerful ProShear Mixer with variable speed.