Configure your machine to perfection

With a Fomaco injector you get a machine that is tailored to your product and your production demands. Your M3 or M2 comes with several configuration options that ensure an optimal solution with maximum efficiency and a tasty and appealing end product.

Machine configuration

The Fomaco excellence is in the tailoring of your machine. With a perfectly attuned variation of needle heads, tenderizer heads and filters you get a machine that is configured to your specific needs.

Our range of needle heads covers every product while the meat tenderizer injector ensure a uniform tenderizing effect. With brine filters, the end product will be homogenous and in high quality. Altogether, machine configuration makes it possible to customize the equipment.

Needle Heads

The excellence of the Fomaco innovative designs, is especially found in the design of our various needle heads. We have developed needle heads to cover every product from fragile tissue injection to injection of bone-in meat products and for injection of both regular brines and high viscosity marinades. There is a needle head for every need.


When adding brine and marinade to meat products the main objective is to ensure that the output is both homogenous and of the desired quality. This requires the absolute highest level of hygiene. A filtration system that eliminates the risk of blocked needles is an indispensable addition to your injection machine and ensures indisputable high levels of hygiene.