Needle Heads


One of the most important components of an injector-tenderizer machine is of course the needle heads. Here quality is of the essence, as hygiene and durability is inextricably linked to how well the needle performs day after day – clean after clean.

A needle head for every need

The excellence of the Fomaco innovative designs is especially found in the design of our various needle heads. We have developed needle heads to cover every product from fragile tissue injection to injection of bone-in meat products and for injection of both brine and marinade allowing for an optimized production of salmon curing, for instance. There is a needle head for every need.


Having supplied the fish industry for more than 30 years, Fomaco is the world leading manufacturer of injectors designed for fish products. Our high level of know-how and expertise manifests itself in the design of our injectors - and the Fomaco fish needle head is no exception.


The BLP needle head developed for boneless meat products is the perfect choice for high volume production, as it enables you to achieve impressive output rates ranging from 1-15 ton/hr depending on product and injection level. Due to the large amount of needles and the extremely close needle pattern the BLP needle head is especially suited for delicate products.

The BLP needle head is constructed as a pump-to-product system ensuring an optimized brine flow as well as eliminating sediment build-up. The high performance centrifugal pump provides a constant brine pressure irrespective of the number of needles in the product, giving a uniform brine distribution regardless of product size.

Technical specifications


The needle head is specifically designed for the processing of products with a very fragile tissue. This includes all types of fish such as salmon, cod, halibut, catfish, and mackerel. The valves are controlled electronically and can be set up to start and stop injecting at any predefined height, resulting in precise salt distribution throughout the products. Moreover, the needle head makes sure that there is no under-cure at skin, no over-cured tails, a continuous operation and consequently a higher yield.

Advancement: 60-45-30 mm

Available needle types:
Double – Quadro

Number of needles
FGM 48 – 48 pcs quadro needles
FGM 64 – 64 pcs quadro needles
FGM 88 – 88 pcs quadro needles
FGM 112 – 112 pcs quadro needles

FGM 48 / FGM 64 / FGM 88 / FGM 112

The Fomaco injectors for the fish processing industry are characterized by the needle bridge being equipped with very fine needles providing a close injection pattern. The fish is injected at a low pump pressure, which prevents damage to the fragile meat tissue and at the same time ensures a precise and even injection level.
  • Pump-to-product system to eliminate dead/low flow zones
  • Extremely dense needle pattern
  • Sanitary design
  • Few moving parts
  • Quick release system for quick needle cleaning or replacement
  • Available in both a standard and an extended execution for curing of even the largest products


With the BLP quick release system you can dismantle the full needle cassette in a matter of seconds. Inspection, cleaning and
disinfection has never been easier! This also allows for an instant exchange with a clean needle cassette.
In addition, the needle head features:

  • Designed as a pump-to-product system for improved hygiene
  • A wash table for all loose parts during cleaning
  • Improved cleaning functionality for needles and lower needle head section

To accommodate all production needs of boneless red meat products, the BLP DS needle heads comes in two different sizes, each with varying advancements, injection area, needle types, needle density and number of needles.


Advancement: 87-130-260 mm
Stripping heights H1: 55-75-95 mm

Available needle types: Double-quadro

Injection area W1 x L1
FGM 48: 400 x 260 mm
FGM 64: 540 x 260 mm
FGM 88: 720 x 260 mm
FGM 112: 940 x 260 mm

Number of needles
FGM 48: 260 pcs 
FGM 64: 351 pcs 
FGM 88: 468 pcs 
FGM 112: 611 pcs 

FGM 48 / FGM 64 / FGM 88 / FGM 112

  • Minimal wear parts 
  • Uniform and close needle pattern


Over the past 45+ years Fomaco has gained global recognition. Our passion, creativity and hard work has got us where we are today and it is the same core values, which will see us into the future.

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