Welcome to Fomaco – State-of-the-art curing technology

Owner and Managing Director Frank Müller. Fomaco specializes in the manufacture of injectors for curing and marinating various types of meat, poultry, and fish products. Fomaco has developed a range of ancillary machines that work in conjunction with our injectors.

A special pioneering spirit exists at Fomaco, 
stimulating innovative thinking, this is truly our core values. Combined with our passion for excellent machine design it has produced remarkable results 
for our customers by providing the most accurate, reliable, and hygienic machines on the market.
Targeted development and innovation
The results we have achieved through our targeted, continuous product development have given us a 
global reputation in which we take pride. 

Our established objectives are continuous improve-
ment of our existing machine range, coupled with development and innovation leading to new and exciting products. 

In other words, we aim to maintain and enhance our position as the world’s leading machine manufacturer 
in our field. 
Members of the skilled and dedicated production unit, who take pride in building the out standing M3 injector.