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18th of August, 2023

Partnership Announcement of Fomaco A/S and MULTIVAC Group Join Forces in China

Fomaco A/S 公司与莫迪维克集团在中国携手合作的通知

We are thrilled to announce a groundbreaking collaboration between Fomaco A/S and MULTIVAC Group, set to revolutionize customer service and enhance market presence in the People’s Republic of China. Under the terms of a signed Letter of Intent (LOI), the two industry leaders are poised to embark on an exciting journey together.
我们非常高兴地宣布, Fomaco A/S 公司与莫迪维克集团近日签署了战略性合作意向书。双方在中国的 业务合作将步入全新模式,旨在进一步提升客户服务质量,扩大在国内的市场份额。

**Exclusive Partnership for Unprecedented Excellence**


In a strategic move, MULTIVAC China will be the exclusive conduit for all Fomaco business operations in the dynamic Chinese market. This strategic alignment aims to bolster efficiency and responsiveness, streamlining customer experiences across the region.

作为一项战略举措,莫迪维克中国将负责 Fomaco 在中国市场内的所有业务运营。这一战略调整旨在提 高服务效率和响应能力,提升整个地区的客户体验。

**Smooth Transition and Customer-Centric Focus**


During the transition period, MULTIVAC China’s expert team will seamlessly integrate with Fomaco China, engaging directly with customers to better understand their needs. This symbiotic exchange will foster deeper relationships and a more comprehensive understanding of the market landscape.
在过渡期间,莫迪维克中国的专家团队将与 Fomaco 中国团队一起拜访现有客户,更好地了解客户的需 求,通过紧密的交流,建立更深厚的关系,更全面地了解国内的市场前景。

**Elevated Customer Service through Synergy**


One of the most exciting outcomes of this collaboration is the planned integration of Fomaco’s existing sales and service team into MULTIVAC family. This integration stands to elevate customer service to new heights. With MULTIVAC China’s established organization, expansive warehouse, top-notch exhibition spaces, cutting-edge production plant in China, Fomaco customers are poised to receive unmatched levels of support.
此次合作最令人兴奋的成果之一,就是计划将 Fomaco 现有的销售和服务团队纳入莫迪维克大家庭。这 一整合将把客户服务提升到新的高度。莫迪维克在国内拥有成熟的组织架构、大容量仓库、一流的展示 空间和配备先进的国内工厂,这些优势能够确保 Fomaco 客户享受到全方位的优质服务。

**Enhanced Resources for Customer Benefits**


By combining forces, Fomaco and MULTIVAC are enabling more efficient delivery, rapid response times, and localized expertise. This union promises a wider range of innovative solutions, quicker access to spare parts, and superior after-sales service, ultimately leading to increased customer satisfaction.
通过强强联手,Fomaco 和莫迪维克能够实现更高效的交付、快速的响应时间和本地化的专业知识。这 种联合有望提供更广泛的创新解决方案、更快捷的备件供应和优质的售后服务,最终提高客户满意度。

**Enhanced Resources for Customer Benefits**


As Fomaco A/S and MULTIVAC Group step onto this shared path, we’re confident that this collaboration will not only raise the bar for customer service but also reshape the landscape of the Chinese market. With our joint commitment to excellence, innovation, and customer-centricity, the future holds endless possibilities for both companies and, most importantly, our valued customers.
我们相信,此次 Fomaco A/S 与莫迪维克集团达成的互利共赢的合作不仅将提高客户服务的标准,还将 重塑中国市场的格局。凭借我们对卓越、创新和以客户为中心的共同承诺,未来将为两家公司,尤其是 我们的尊贵客户带来无限可能。
Stay tuned for more updates as we embark on this transformative journey together. Customers’ success remains at the heart of all we do.
*For further information, please contact:

Fomaco A/S
Sandvadsvej 9
4600 Koge

Contact/联系人: Brian Rasmussen
Phone/电话: +45 56632000

MULTIVAC (Shanghai) Trading Co., Ltd.
莫迪维克 (上海) 贸易有限公司

Contact/联系人: 黄吉安
Phone/电话: +86 138 1718 4579
Address/地址:4/F, Building T1, Hongqiao Ali Center, Lane 1398, Shenchang Road, Minhang District, Shanghai
上海市闵行区申长路 1398 弄虹桥阿里中心 T1 幢 4 楼